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  • User Friendly Account

    User Friendly Account

    Manage your FlexMoney transactions that you initiated per mobile device, internet or at an acceptance terminal. Choose a FlexKom acceptance point and let the FlexApp navigate you to its location. The app provides instant access to your personal information.

  • Find Merchants & Deals

    Find Merchants & Deals

    Find addresses, locations and businesses worldwide from your current location. Publish reviews of your favorite restaurant, pubs, businesses, theaters etc. Collect FlexMoney on all FlexKom acceptance points throughout the world & you can also pay with FlexMoney on all FlexKom acceptance points.

  • Share & EARN MONEY

    Share & EARN MONEY

    Kiss your friends - share the FlexKom App. Using the app KISS function you can create a QR-Code and let a family member or friend scan it, so that person can also benefit from the FlexKom Advantages, receive FlexMoney in return onto your account, month after month. For each person that you Sign Up using the app KISS function, you receive a (%) percentage of their spending.

  • Make Cheap Phone Calls

    Make Cheap Phone Calls

    Use the app for stay in touch with your family and friends easily with the “free call” or make calls cheap with your collected FlexMoneys with VoIP. Worldwide phone calls to fixed and mobile networks are up to 90% cheaper (also available free of charge). Free calls can be made to other FlexKom users worldwide (VoIP)

  • Geo Location

    Geo Location

    Find always the correct directions, no matter if you are on the road by car, public transportation, bicycle or by foot. Get an overview of all FlexKom acceptance terminal locations worldwide. All FlexKom acceptance points are on display within an area you define - revealing useful information such as video footage, image galleries, and menu cards and so forth.

  • Product Preferences - NO SPAM

    Product Preferences - NO SPAM

    Choose the product or service you require and you will receive Push Notifications

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As a techie and a traveler, all I can say is WOW. 4 functions in one app. This is how I stay connected. Well done FLEXKOM!
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor
As a shopaholic this app suits me just fine. The discounts are FABULOUS and merchants are always within reach. I call and I shop, now that's what I call MULTI-TASKING.
Dianne Murray
Dianne Murray
At first I was skeptical, then I downloaded the app and became a believer. This technology is way ahead of it's time. SIMPLY AWESOME!!!
Richard Neales
Richard Neales

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  • Worldwide phone calls to fixed and mobile networks, up to 90% cheaper (also available free of charge)
  • Free calls to other FlexKom users worldwide (VoIP)
  • Send Video-Messages for free


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Use FlexMoney and FlexHotel to stay free of charge in worldwide selected partner hotels (4 and 5 Star)



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Customers can access merchants, make purchases & receive CASH BACK DISCOUNTS both locally and internationally



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Book low-priced travel packages and cheap flights with FlexHoliday and earn FlexMoney.

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