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MCOMAPP was developed by Loginet,
the expert of ecommerce solutions.


LogiNet is a digital applications development agency with vast experience in online business planning, development and integration; they’ve also worked on company level mobile, portal and web applications. Our team of more than 60 outstanding experts is ready and at your service to find the best solutions for you and your company.



The story of LogiNet starts back in 2007 when two freshly graduated software engineers began working on web applications out of a garage—later establishing LogiNet in 2008. Since then, we have doubled our revenues every two years and have garnered exceptional clients from both the Hungarian and international markets. Through the years, we have acquired experience and knowledge in e-commerce and related developments.

Currently, we have more than 60 committed experts and team members at our company: we have software engineers, project managers, consultants, advisors, and designers. Our company is big enough to produce quality softwares on a deadline with a fixed budget—but also small enough to take on new challenges with flexibility and bravery.

If you want to work with us, just send a message. We welcome everyone!

Our Budapest office

As a Hungarian company, the majority of our colleagues are based in our Budapest offices. Here you can find the bulk of our development team as well as the project management, sales and financial teams.