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2 months

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2 weeks

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You can request an offer in person, over the phone, or online — or ask to try our free mobile shop application demo.

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Needs assessment 

Before generating an offer, we require some consultations. This way we can familiarize ourselves with your webshop and assess your business needs. We can also determine which package is ideal for you and if you will need any personalized components.


Pricing is based on which product package fits best with your needs, whether you will require personalized components, and whether or not you have your own developers or design team. After accepting our offer, we can begin setting up and transferring your app.

4 weeks

Development phase

Your webshop must be integrated with an API layer to serve the mobile app. If your own team of developers plans on adding the API, we will ensure the proper API documentation, developer SDK, sample codes and the necessary training. If you do not have a team of developers, Loginet will make the necessary enhancements to the webshop required for the mobile app.

Technical training

Our experts offer you detailed training and guidance on how the app works and mobile CMS use; they can also help to develop app marketing.
You will receive an instructional list of the application’s necessary graphic elements and their parameters so that your graphic designers know which files must be produced. If you do not have your own design team who created the webshop’s graphics, use our partner company.

2 weeks


Test versions precede the live application. You can adjust the design, test the CMS interface, and try the mobile marketing analytics with these test versions.
The test application, similar to the demo, can be downloaded after sending a request in email.

Transferring the app

After correcting any remaining mistakes, and making the final necessary adjustments in the last test version, the application is ready to be transferred and will be uploaded onto the App Store or Google Play platforms to be available for users to download anytime.


Continuous, free security updates are included in the package, even after transferal.

2 months

Seamless integration with the most popular webstore platforms